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The methodology used in Meeting Point is not based on the conventional academic framework and allows our students to speak fluently in a reasonable time. This method also boosts oral confidence in speaking and listening comprehension until the learners achieve an easy mechanisation of the language. Moreover, we encourage cultural knowledge as we believe a language is not only limited to linguistic achievement.

The language class apart, the aim of our methodology consists of a dynamic and interactive immersion from the very first moment you step through the door. The classes are entirely given in the language you are learning, are very practical and allow all the students to participate. We don’t forget the specific personal requirements concerning the individuals’ age and level, which require adapted classes. Therefore, we emphasize the development of communication skills through specially conceived activities.

The main pillar of the class is the teacher and the connecting links between him/her and the students. We believe that getting familiarized with the language and learning how to communicate in a natural way in contexts close to each one’s interests is essential in the process of learning. This is the reason why we reproduce daily social contexts through communicative activities such as role-play, guided dialogues, dramatizations, interviews, etc.

In addition to the teacher and activities, we also provide support material (books, songs, movies, etc.).

At Meeting Point all our students can enjoy the Social Club, a space designed as a meeting place in which you can talk, read, play, socialise, have a cup a tea and meet people…all in the language you are learning.

Apart from the lessons, we also offer extra activities for all ages in order to apply the acquired language knowledge in a practical way and have fun at the same time.