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Want to learn Catalan? We make it easy! With your efforts and our help, you will make it.
If you need to start learning Catalan or to improve your level, a standard Catalan course gives you the opportunity to study this language in Barcelona at an ideal intensity to combine it either with work or school.
Catalan is taught in all schools, and many children, especially in Catalonia, receive most of their school courses in this language. Catalan is also present in the universities. In Catalonia, over 70% of students take the entrance exam to university in Catalan, and the different Catalan universities’ use of Catalan as a teaching language is between 60 and 100%. Therefore it is likely that many students that come from outside Catalonia will have the opportunity to study a subject in Catalan, a task that should not become an insurmountable challenge if you know Spanish, since both languages ​​are very similar.

If you are interested in taking an official exam, we will help you in the preparation of the following levels of the European Reference Framework:

A2 Certificate of basic Catalan level

B1 Certificate of elementary Catalan level

B2 Certificate of intermediate Catalan level

C1-C2 Certificate of competence Catalan level

D Certificate of superior Catalan level